Sunday, November 5, 2023

Is America an Unfit Parent?

 In my book, Economic Judgements-Prophecies Regarding Global Shifts, I released a prophecy that outlined how God views the world as America's constituency. In this prophecy, God holds America accountable regarding the condition of its global constituency, the average citizens around the world who are directly impacted by American policy directed toward their countries.

Take note of this parable:

If a rich man builds a lavish house and builds a great 10ft high, 5ft thick reinforced steel wall around it, we might say he is very protective of his house.

If this same man then hires hundreds of the most advanced-trained soldiers to surround every inch of the inside of his walls and arm them with the most sophisticated weaponry in all the world to protect his house, we would no doubt be convinced that he considers his household to be of high value.

After all, why then would he spend so much money and technology to protect it? Of course, he loves his household and would do anything to protect it.

If we were invited to this man's house and see him sitting at a gold table and eating out of a gold dish, then we might say he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

If we then see his children walking around his house not being well-fed, scrambling for themselves in whatever way they can, relentlessly asking their father for the funds to better take care of themselves, but being ignored of their requests, we would say that this rich man is a fool and that he is cruel.

.We would cry out that he is an unfit parent. We would demand that he face judgment for his cruelty and have his children taken from him to be given to loving parents.


America you are an unfit parent, and you are being judged. Your parenting rights are being revoked.

Repent quickly, and turn from your wickedness. Plead the cause of the poor. Rescue American children and children around the world from all the insecurity, vulnerability, exploitation, war, and organized poverty to avoid the stripping of your parenting rights and being shamed in front of the world.

Cease from creating poverty and the devastation of children and parents of vulnerable nations that you oppress around the world.

When one can be fair and just with money, then one can be fair and just with anything.

When Congress, who holds the wallet of the richest and most powerful nation on earth, is being stingy and dishonest with the welfare of our American children and the children around the world, then this is indicative of rotten immorality at the core of our nation, because the Bible consistently teaches us that Economic Justice is the foundation of all morality.(Mat. 6:21; 1 Tim. 6:10)

 We will cry out on their behalf until this wickedness is judged and mitigated.

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Is America an Unfit Parent?