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The God of Politics-$17
Economic Judgements-$11


Are you a govenment official, political leader, or an aspiring politician interested in understanding what righteous policy is according to the Bible?

Are you a person who simply wants to understand in a plain and nonpartisan manner what the Bible says about government and politics?

The God of Politics is a must have book for you!

Just click on the book image to purchase the book online, or for an autographed copy, use the Cashapp or paypal noted  above.



Do you want to understand how prophecy works in this age?

What is the difference between a Prophet and the gift of Prophecy?

What is God saying concerning the world events today? What is he saying concerning the upcoming decades?

Learn this and more from Economic Judgements. Click on the image to purchase online, or if you desire an autographed copy, use the cashapp or paypal above 


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