Prophetic Streams By EA Hakim


For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the 
Prophets.-Amos 3:7 ESV

This Prophetic Streams page will host the Word Of The Lord that comes to me when it is directly beneficial to the public arena.

Drink Up!

Prophetic Streams. When they come, they can be quite sharp,

Or like a butterfly, it’ll land gently on your heart.

Like a breeze in your spirit, they’re a refreshing lyric. 

Sometimes they come straight through your dreams,

And there are times that you think they come to be mean.
However, the only goal is for you to become clean.
When the voice of the Prophet comes to speak;
Do not fret, or reject, or keep your mind too set.
It’s just God’s love saying the future’s not all bleak.
When a true Prophet comes, they’ll have direction,
To purify your path, and to point you to the right selection.
A Prophet’s word will bring correction, it may not always feel cool,
Yet be sure to listen so you won’t end up a fool.
Do you want good direction? Do you want to be sure?
Consult the true Prophets, obey their word, and your path will become pure.
Governments only exist because of the most high.
A government will crumble at his mere sigh
Its because God loves people. He looks out for the powerless.
When you cross the weak, he declares you a cowardice and brings you to sourness.
As I conclude, be blessed with this page. The words here will always be sage.
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Believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established; believe His prophets, so shall you prosper. II Chron. 20:20






2018 Prophecy Concerning The New Global Order

1- Restructuring For Cushites

Today God has raised up a destructive leader in America to disrupt the order of things to begin to bring about a readjustment in the world's power structure. God is preparing the groundwork to raise up Cushite peoples around the globe, including in America to Affect world policy.

2- GOD NEEDS oppressed people to influence world policy

Religious oppression was at an all-time high in Europe when God moved Europeans to America for the ultimate purpose to bring about a free nation that would help facilitate the freedom not only to serve God in a free manner but to spread that freedom around the globe and be a vehicle for spiritual deliverance. The problem is that America forgot the command God gave Israel about oppressing other people. (Ex.23:9). Israel failed in that command and America failed in that command.

3- God Will Raise Up New World Powers

God has raised up leadership that will bring about a demotion of America and Israel in influence over foreign policy. There is coming a time of confusion on the world stage where a race for influence will ensue and grow to a boiling point that will allow for new influences on world policy. People of color will rise in influence over policy within individual nations, then world policy. 
African nations will grow in influence and Christians will have influence in those nations.

There will be small skirmishes and conflicts as nations compete for world domination. While this is happening, there will be an increase in economic, military power, and influence among select African Nations, as well as some individual leaders on that continent. There will arise new alliances on their part on the world stage. As many alliances on the world stage change, there will be small conflicts, skirmishes, and confusion. Keep your eye on African Nations that have not only a significant amount of Christians but have strong Christian Ministries in them.

4- White Supremacy

Black people will not have to fight white supremacy on its own any longer. There will be a universal approach. A multi-pronged attack from many and diverse kinds of people will collectively and systematically begin to tear at the whole premise of white supremacy and privilege and challenge the status quo.

5- Transitions From Western Powers/New Currencies

West European Nations will decline significantly in power, with the exception of Germany. There will always be a light in America because of the people of God, but America will no longer be the sole military and economic world power. America will come down just a few pegs. New powerful currencies will arise that will challenge the dollar and thus America's financial dominance.
There will be much activity in terms of global transitions over the next 
three to four decades.


Can a storm rage forever?
How long can a bird stay in the air?
How long can a whisper stay silent?
In a little while, I will visit the times
For the earth is all mine
All of the species of every kind
Will you resist me and my hand?
Show me if you possibly can
For, in a little while, with the blast from my mouth,
I will send it all south
Into the pit, white supremacy will all be a myth.
I am the God of your tears
And know all of your fears
For your pain and rejection, I come with shears
To cut the cord on your shame
And replace it with a glorious fame
I will expand you and prosper you, and give you a great name.
For, I am the God of all of the peoples
I raise up and I bring down, and I visit your steeples

Fear not my son, my daughter,
For the enemies of my righteousness, I’ll bring their plans to a slaughter
For your thirst, my children, I am bringing you fresh water.
For race is my place
And it suits my taste
And I am coming
I have made haste
To visit your case
The iniquity is full
In a deep sleep, they lull
I love you, my people,
Great is your pain
And great will be your gain
I will visit your pain
With hordes of grain
Removing the shame.
All of your enemies, I will tame
I will crown you with a royal mane
Fear not, I am the Lord of Lords
And the King of Kings
Can anyone harness my anger?
And stuff it in a manger?
Can anyone suppress me with danger?
For, I am the God of your battle
I was there when they moved you like cattle
And sold you as chattel
But on all your history, you’ll place a saddle
You will ride it into glory.
For, I will return you to your former glory
Where you first wrote the story
The Lord of History
Is he who removes the mystery.
I am here my children, I am here.
I am here my children, I am here.
Do not fear. Your destiny is hidden… in my tear.



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